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3 things to do today to attract the best talent in construction.

Competition for talent in construction has never been fiercer. The severe disruption of the industry during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic forced businesses to close, causing thousands of experienced workers to leave the industry forever and pulling the brake on both apprenticeships and the hiring of next-gen talent. Now that construction in the UK is rising from the ashes of lockdown, one of the biggest challenges to success is not a virus, but a significant skills shortage.

If you find it as hard as an average construction company to fill key roles as the work starts to return, you need to give yourself an advantage over the competition by becoming much more than average. Here at Build Space, we offer industry-leading support for anyone hiring or seeking opportunities in construction. As such, we are well versed on the ins and outs of attracting new and existing construction talent. Here we suggest just three tactics you could adopt in both the long and short term to improve your recruiting track record. 

Sell Your Company Image:

You need to market yourself as an employer every bit as thoroughly you do as a Construction Specialist. Every business needs to stand out to customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Set out a bold company vision and broadcast it through your advertising channels and social media platforms. Distinguish yourself from other construction companies by the objectives you set. Shake off organisational inertia and challenge the status quo.

At the same time, examine your company culture and set about transforming it into a selling point. Imagination, diversity, flexibility, and innovative reward packages are all attractive to the new generation of skilled workers. Consider changing the fabric of your company hierarchy with bold initiatives such as reverse mentoring in which young employees are assigned to mentor executives. Enlist your current employees as brand ambassadors and get them to spread the word: yours is the company to work for. Here at Build Space, we can help you sell yourself as an employer by assisting in setting up specific packages and recommending innovative techniques for your company’s structure. Our sales team are also the best in the game for highlighting your strengths, and showcasing your brand to potential employees. 

Offer Opportunities for Personal Development:

The construction image is mired in outdated stereotypes framing it as a dull and dirty industry with old-fashioned structures and attitudes. You know that is not the reality, and you need to communicate this to the jobs market, particularly when you're trying to attract young talent. Presenting your company culture as a brand is only the first step. Demonstrate that what you offer is not simply a job but a gateway to a career path that is continually widening and, along the way, offers rewarding diversions.

Show that you offer personal development as well as competitive salaries. A survey by the World Economic Study [1] discovered that only 48 percent of respondents believed the Construction Industry could meet their learning and development expectations. It would help if you doubled that figure. You may not be asking employees to stay with you for life, but the more satisfying and enriching the experience, the more likely they will remain. Give candidates a sense that they will be part of the perpetual modernisation of a vital industry with a distinguished past and an exciting future. This progression doesn’t have to cost either! Here at Build Space we currently have a limited number of places available on a free, comprehensive Offsite Construction training course that we have helped develop. Courses like this can help your employees grow by learning more about MMC and cutting edge projects. 

Commit to Technology:

Although you may appreciate the benefit that technology has brought to your construction firm, it will be to your advantage if you strive to stay at the forefront of digital and technological innovation instead of settling for industry-standard practice. Nothing marks you out as a company that embraces the future more than a proactive commitment to leveraging every technical opportunity that arises. 

If you're trying to attract young talent or more experienced construction professionals from competitors, then a reputation for innovation is essential. Not only will it bring practical gains in productivity and efficiencies, but it will also act as a magnet for candidates who may have seen how the average construction firm operates and now wants to experience the best.

At Build Space, technology is at the forefront of our solutions programme. We bring together market-leading talent attraction with bespoke employer branding marketing alongside the latest AI and tech for resourcing and more. We strive to be a centre for innovation and with our expertise, we can help you become fore runners in the technology space. We are more than a talent agency, to find out more about our deliberately different approach contact one of our offices below: 

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