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Move over excellent, here comes outstanding! The building we've been waiting for, the inspiration for future projects, the one from which we'll all learn lessons. Brookgate's 10 Station Road is certainly worth the hype. 

Funded by Aviva Investors and being delivered by construction contractor RG Carter with support and guidance from sustainability consultant Hilson Moran, this influential building is not yet complete but is already breaking records for innovation. 

Situated in Cambridge and part of the CB1 Estate development project, it is the first commercial development in the city to achieve a BREEAM 'Outstanding' rating. It is also the first NABERS-rated building in the city, having received a NABERS Design for Performance rating of 4.5 stars. Additionally, assessment against WELL 'Gold' certification and WiredScore certification is also under way.

So what does this all mean? 

BREEAM 'Oustanding' rating

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is a certification that specifies and measures the sustainability of buildings and considers not only the way in which the building is constructed but also the manner in which it will deliver optimal performance in energy efficiency and responsiveness to user needs for the duration of its existence.

Fewer than 1% of non-domestic buildings in the UK have achieved a BREEAM Outstanding rating, and this is largely due to the complexities associated with gaining such certification, and the close collaboration that is required between developers, architects and engineers to innovate through every stage of the construction process. 

BREEAM Outstanding rating recognises the extraordinary achievement of incorporating the type of next-gen technologies that are necessary to achieve the desired sustainability credentials into a commercial building. 

NABERS-rated building

National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) UK is a global environmental performance rating tool that is specifically designed to be applied to commercial buildings. The NABERS Design For Performance standard aims to overcome the performance gap that typically exists between the original design intent and how the building actually performs once in service.

NABERS assigns a star rating of between one and six stars in which it considers the extent to which the building demonstrates efficiency in its energy, water, waste and indoor environment performance. 4 stars is Good, and a building's rating remains in effect for a 12 month period before it must be re-assessed, offering opportunities for continuous improvement.

WELL 'Gold' certification 

The WELL Building Standard is an international standard that assesses a building's features to determine the extent to which it will optimise occupant wellbeing. Buildings are assessed against ten sets of key criteria: Air, Water, Thermal Comfort, Light, Movement, Nourishment, Sound, Mind, Community and Materials.

Evidence is required to substantiate the final score, calculated based on the total number of points earned across all well-being concepts included in the building's design across the ten categories. WELL Gold Certification requires a minimum of 60 points or at least 2 points per concept.

Buildings with WELL certification are anticipated to deliver social sustainability, occupant health and improved well-being.

WiredScore certification

The WiredScore certification program demonstrates the extent to which a business is digitally connected and future ready. It is designed to prove that a building will exceed the modern expectations of digital connectivity and support the businesses that occupy it, by assessing five key areas of digital capability.

These areas are resilience, in which the digital infrastructure is tested to ensure robustness; future readiness, in which the capacity to adapt to new technology is tested; mobile coverage is checked, including in basement areas and the building's 5G readiness capacity is tested; choice of providers is considered, as greater choice equates to competitive pricing and resilience in the event of supplier outages; and user experience in which the quality and consistency of the digital connection is tested to ensure occupier satisfaction.

WildScore certification is proof that a building is ready to accept occupants and to deliver a seamless digital experience.

Brookgate's 10 Station Road 

This ambitious and very exciting five-storey building will span an area of 50,444 square feet and is expected to complete construction in 2024. It is anticipated that it will deliver significant benefits to its owners and occupiers in terms of enhanced energy efficiency and reduced operating costs. It will also act as a shining beacon of hope for the construction industry, demonstrating the effectiveness of the pioneering sustainability measures that set it apart from the competition. 

RG Carter has long been a loyal Work Space client, and we couldn't be more delighted for them. This building will surely be a welcome addition to their portfolio, and the future occupiers will be very lucky to benefit from such an innovative build.

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