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a look at southampton's sustainstainable distribution centre launch.

Meachers Global Logistics delivering sustainable future for Southampton

Meachers Global Logistics' Sustainable Distribution Centre (SDC) consolidates deliveries of goods for organisations and businesses across Southampton, meaning companies, residents and the environment benefit from cleaner, greener and healthier logistics solutions.

The SDG has delivered a significant reduction in C02 emissions, noise pollution and congestion and improved safety on local roads. Developed by Meachers in partnership with Southampton City Council, the bespoke delivery service has resulted in fewer deliveries by HGVs, reducing C02 emissions by an estimated 167,290g a year.

Consolidated deliveries

Located at a 20,000 sq ft base with access to the M271 Western Approach and the main arterial routes of the M3 and M27, the SDC has reduced the need for freight and HGVs to cross the city centre.

Goods and other loads for a specific destination are received, stored and grouped then delivered as a single consignment. Specified timed deliveries, in line with customer requirements, ensure that the reduced number of vehicles avoids peak times and has improved waste management, returns and transfers as a result.

Logistics hub

As a port city, Southampton serves as a logistics hub for the south, with rising levels of congestion as a result. By consolidating deliveries at the SDC, air pollution and congestion on local roads have been reduced at peak times, contributing to Southampton's lower-carbon economy.

Using industry experience integrated with advances in logistics technology, the SDC has been able to deliver an innovative low carbon solution to the benefit of residents and businesses alike. So while the impact on the local neighbourhood is minimised, the city's economic growth and prosperity have seen a positive impact. The SDC also offers greater efficiencies to business and has been hugely beneficial for the local public sector.

Green City Charter

Making smarter deliveries is also contributing to the aims of the Green City Charter for Southampton which strives to create a greener, healthier and more sustainable city that's carbon neutral by 2030. Councillor Jeremy Moulton, deputy leader and cabinet member for growth, said the SDC was an excellent example of how the public and private sectors could work together to deliver sustainable growth for the benefit of the city.

Moulton said Southampton was lucky to have one of the UK's leading logistics providers based in the city and throwing their weight behind the SDC. Cllr Steven Galton, cabinet member for environment, added that the economic and environmental benefits of the project were significant, reducing emissions and improving road safety.

The SDC is forecast to reduce the number of heavy good's vehicles entering Southampton city centre by up to 75%, the equivalent of nearly 7,000 vehicles per annum. In turn, using the SDC can help to reduce Southampton's carbon footprint by 75% and decrease the output of other harmful gases associated with diesel and petrol engines.

The contract for the centre was awarded by the city council in 2019 and will continue until 2023. Meachers also provides a similar service for Carnival UK and the Solent Alliance, a unique supply chain partnership between Meachers Global Logistics, Steve Porter Transport and Red Funnel Ferries which has reduced the number of vehicles travelling through Southampton to the Isle of Wight and significantly reduced vehicle CO2 emissions by an estimated 167,290g per year.

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