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Are You Losing Out On Top Construction Talent?

There’s no denying that the skills gap is hampering growth in the construction market. However, many businesses are managing to make headway despite job sites only offering subpar candidates.

The skills gap can no longer be used as an excuse. While it might make your search harder, it isn’t stopping you from enhancing your processes so that searching is easier – or researching other ways of getting that top talent.

If you’re suffering from the industry drought and candidates are falling through the cracks, here are the next steps to take.

Update your recruitment process

A scattergun approach to recruitment will result in lacklustre candidates. You need to increase speed when talent pools dry up and start viewing your onboarding process from a candidate’s perspective. Lose job adverts that have countless ‘must-haves’ and cut out the jargon that makes you appear archaic.

Our team appreciate that it’s never been harder to attract talent. That’s why we host accessible, digital profiles on our Talent Space™ platform so that relevant candidates are showcased strictly to matching clients. Using AI, chatbots and video interviewing, we’re able to streamline the admin-laden recruitment process and isolate talent further. This allows us to find the right people for your team or project when you need them.

Align your hiring strategy and growth plan

It isn’t enough to build a pipeline – you need to have a strategy in place that includes the key hires you’ll make over the next 5 years in line with your wider plans for growth. In this way, you know exactly the type of people you’ll require ahead of time and further speed up the recruitment process.

Meanwhile, keep your ear to the ground and remain a key player in the construction space. Actively monitor competitor movements and industry trends, attend regular sector events, and build relationships across the market. At Build Space, we can connect your very own micro site to our own (and arrange content and social media support) so that you’re always in front of the right audience when you’re ready to move forward with those key hires.

Create a culture that appeals to your ideal candidate

Businesses like Google have redefined our expectations of company culture. Unlimited holidays, napping pods and corporate lunches are just a few examples of what you need to offer outside of financial reward. This isn’t unique to candidates either. According to one study, nine out of ten recruiters rejected candidates for not fitting into the culture of the employers they represent.

To gain top construction talent, work on building a culture that candidates are desperately trying to align themselves with. This can’t just be a replication of what your competitors are doing; you need to be differentiating yourself with unique ideas for employee satisfaction that relate to your company ethos.

At Build Space, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognise what’s blocking your development. Whether that’s an outdated culture or obstructive hiring processes, if you feel the best candidates are slipping through the net, get in touch today.

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