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delivering new fibre networks on time and budget.

A look at how Build Space is helping the highest performing Alt Nets to deliver new fibre networks on time and budget

All around the UK, homeowners are watching the installation of new fibre networks with excitement. They are anticipating a go-live date that will deliver them superior broadband speeds, enabling them to work from home more efficiently, to enjoy high-end gaming and to hold high-quality video calls. Unfortunately, this excitement often gives way to frustration as delays occur between the end of the build and the go-live date.

What are the issues?

Although urban areas and cities routinely experience delays in the introduction of new internet capability, rural areas are largely in a far worse position, due to a combination of factors, including the sheer scale of the infrastructure required to connect individual properties into the network, the distance from the exchange and the scarcity of alt net operators in rural locations. The majority of rural internet installers rely on third party internet service providers to deliver the broadband network, although they perform the groundworks and install the cabling required to join the network.

At Build Space, we have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and understand how conflicts can so easily arise between the parties. Government departments need the high speed internet networks installed to meet their challenging targets. The installers and service providers need to see a return on their investment. Homeowners experience the disruption associated with the installation for little perceived gain.

Resolving those issues

Staying ahead of the competition means hiring specialist talent with a track record of delivery. The delivery team requires planners who can front-end as much of the work as possible, minimising the disruption suffered by consumers and reducing the installation timescales. This maintains goodwill within the affected communities. Fewer complaints to Local Authorities by disgruntled residents drives a positive effect on brand reputation, encouraging internet service providers to partner with the installers to deliver gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises internet at the earliest possible opportunity.

Clearly, the plans developed by the planners need to take into consideration all risk factors associated with each individual project, and experienced installers will be needed throughout the engagement to ensure that the build is completed to schedule with any issues arising dealt with calmly and professionally. The communication and PR teams should be liaising regularly with Local Authorities in affected areas, together with keeping affected householders informed as to progress, projected timescales and the reasons for any delays. A similar, if not higher, level of engagement is required with proposed internet service providers, the networks of which the installer intends to use.

A robust management team is required to oversee these builds, reflecting the significant financial commitment, project duration and reputational risks that exist within such a build.

Vertically integrated operators

For alt net companies who own, install and operate their own independent telecommunications networks, these risks are reduced as the management team are fully responsible for every aspect of the build and have no inter-dependencies on other organisations to deliver elements of the service provision. This offers significant advantages over traditional network installation projects where poorly-scoped or unsatisfactory provision between dependent organisations can slow or even stall a build entirely.

For firms operating within this space, the race is on to satisfy the demand from householders for faster broadband sooner. Here at Build Space, we stand ready to support firms with skilled, experienced and eager candidates ready to deploy on both short-term contracts and permanent placements. We can supply personnel for every element of the planning, management, infrastructure, networking and integration elements of the builds, placing alt net companies in a superior position in the race to supply the UK with the super-fast internet that it needs to remain at the cutting edge of technology in a digitised world.

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