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film and tv drive construction opportunities in the uk.

Several major UK TV shows may only just be back on air after an enforced Covid-19 break, but the huge growth in Film and TV studio space is driving a construction boom.
Tax reliefs up to 25% and a skilled talent pool making up labour makes the UK an attractive place to make films and TV series'. The huge concentration of talent and film industry expertise means that the UK is one of only a few places outside the US where a film or series can be made up of local crew.

Major studios are quick to make the most of these advantages and are currently increasing their capacity to shoot in the UK. In turn that delivers new and exciting opportunities to work in construction in film and TV.

Shepperton Studios

Shepperton Studios is home to some of the best loved movies of all time including Star Wars, Fast and Furious and Bridget Jones' Diary. A new 33 acre development has had outline planning permission approved expanding the site five-fold. With 16 new sound stages plus workshops, office space and backlots, Shepperton will become the second biggest studio in the world.

The £500m development will also include a hub for streaming giants Netflix, alongside an investment in a new London HQ, highlighting the company's commitment to making a permanent base in the UK.

Pinewood Studios

Home of James Bond, Aliens and Batman, Pinewood Studios is just 14 miles from Shepperton and has submitted plans for a 'Screen Industries Global Growth Hub' to be known as Screen Hub UK. The proposed 77 acre site will include new production facilities, an educational training and skills hub, a growth hub for creative industries and a 350,000 sq ft film-inspired international visitor attraction. 

This £450m development will be based to the south and adjacent to the existing studios.

Sky at Elstree


Elstree has a long and illustrious history in film and TV but this high profile investment from Sky will raise the profile of the world renowned studio still higher.

The £230 million state-of-the-art TV and film studio will cover 32 acres and is expected to be open by 2022. The development will see the creation of 14 new sound stages covering over 20,000 sq ft, allowing the production of several TV shows and films simultaneously.

The completed site will also include workshops, production offices and a screening room as well as state of the art post-production facilities.
Ashford International Studios

With easy transport links to Heathrow and Dover, the new development at Ashford in Kent is attracting significant interest from both Netflix and Amazon.

Detailed plans have been given the green light for phase one of Ashford International Studios. This brand new £250 million development will feature 7,440 sqm of film and TV studios plus an additional 7,125 sqm post-production offices. Plans also include a 3,830 sqm workshop and media village, and a 4/5-star 120-bedroom hotel.

The site is currently at pre-tender stage but on-site work is expected to begin in 2021 with the new studios opening in 2024.

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