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E-commerce is a phenomenon that really took off during the pandemic and shows no signs of slowing. To handle increased demand, urban logistics hubs are being built up and down the country, providing easily accessible warehouse and industrial space in which deliveries can be received and sorted, ready for onward transit to their end recipient.

Glencar's SEGRO V-Park Grand Union Project

One such logistics hub is Glencar's SEGRO V-Park Grand Union project. This mixed use logistics hub will provide six storeys of industrial space, set across 187,927 square feet in the London borough of Brent. In addition to warehouse and logistics space, this innovative project will also deliver public gardens, a community centre, a health centre, a new local supermarket and a range of on-site amenities. These amenities will include shared meeting rooms, breakout areas and wellness spaces, including a green roof terrace.

It is anticipated that this project will provide employment and apprenticeship opportunities for up to 500 people from the local area and become a hub not only for logistics deliveries but also for members of the community to gather and network, enriching the area as a whole.

The Grand Union project is not the only logistics hub project that is currently underway in London at the moment. Also in the news is British Land's Mandela Way logistics hub. 

British Land's Mandela Way Logistics Hub

This 140,000 square feet multi-level logistics infrastructure will occupy the site of a former council car pound in Southwark and will function as a last mile logistics hub for Southwark and central London.

This ambitious project aims to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating, so British Land will be selecting low-carbon materials for the build, as well as incorporating many next-gen energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions into the finished infrastructure to ensure that the building releases as little carbon as possible into the environment, both during its build phase and once it is in service.

British Land is pioneering sustainable, modern logistics infrastructure in London this year, having also received planning consent to develop sites at Paddington Central and Enfield. The company's confidence in the need for ongoing logistics space is clear to see, and by embracing modern methods of construction and future-proofing these builds by incorporating mixed use space and community amenities, it is very likely that these new construction projects will continue to deliver benefits for the foreseeable future.

Benefits of mixed use logistics hubs

There are many benefits to mixed use logistics hubs. Combining logistics activities with retail, leisure, housing and commercial space allows communities to be established in otherwise unused spaces, responding to the needs of local residents and enriching these urban areas.

Traditionally, housing in large cities is expensive, and building in these areas is highly regulated. By incorporating housing and leisure facilities into warehouse space, not only is security improved by developing a constant presence within the previously unused area, but the community can become regenerated, enabling lower income residents the opportunity to live and work in an up-and-coming borough. 

Bringing residents and businesses into the logistics hub and its surrounding area offers immense benefits to the logistics operator too. Their proximity to customers increases their reputation and brand visibility, often boosting profits and overcoming the cost of operating in such a dense urban environment. By incorporating future-proof architectural and construction methodologies at planning and build phase, the long-term viability of these logistics hubs is secured as flexible space within the area of construction can be deployed in a variety of different ways to suit the evolving needs of the end user.

In conclusion, e-commerce not only prompted strong competition for Royal Mail and resulted in a multitude of new courier firms gaining a strong market position, but it has also highlighted the need for vital mixed use logistics space in previously unused or derelict urban areas. This growth is benefiting the logistics companies involved, but more importantly, giving back to local communities, breathing new life into disused spaces and creating a thriving enterprise which will continue to support the UK's economy for the foreseeable future.

At Build Space, we are delighted to supply talented personnel to support projects such as these, and indeed are involved in the delivery of Glencar's SEGRO V-Park Grand Union project. To find out more about how Build Space can help your vision to become a reality, please contact our Open Space team today.

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