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hot office fit out trends for the next 12 months.

Top fit out trends for 2022

Nothing could have prepared the world for the pandemic and the way it affected every aspect of our lives. The acceleration of digital transformation and the WFH revolution have fundamentally impacted the way we work and the places where we work.

Over the coming year, office fit out will need to adapt to new trends that place comfort functionality and efficiency centre stage. In the hybrid world of work, these are the trends to watch

Sustainability is your priority

Cop26 turned the spotlight on the climate emergency and the need for a concerted response across all sectors to combat climate change. Environmental impact is becoming a concern for designers, employees and employers alike, putting sustainability in office fit out firmly at the top of the agenda.

The emphasis isn't just on choice of materials, however. The sustainable office should be energy efficient, making use of innovative heating and cooling systems, LED lighting and maximising natural light for wellbeing and productivity.

Flexibility and transformability

When it comes to their workspace, employees want options for privacy and collaboration and the knowledge that they can work remotely with full support. The goal of your workspace fit out should be to create options for employees that promote creativity, collaboration and productivity.

For example, your office needs to offer areas with a relaxed coffee shop vibe, dedicated desks and transformable spaces for remote workers to come and go with ease.

Noise reduction

Noise pollution is one of the biggest issues for workers whether they're in the office or at their home desk. Noise is an inevitable part of the open-plan office, but noise mitigation strategies will be at the centre of fit out plans in the coming year.

Start by looking at flooring choices. Carpets have a significant role to play in noise reduction, but rugs and acoustic partitioning can also be used to create quiet areas. A green living wall or screen of plants taps into biophilic design trends while deadening noise.

Creating comfort

With a workforce now used to the benefits of WFH, the 2022 workplace needs to combine functionality and comfort by introducing elements of interior design including carpeting, curtains, plants, comfortable seating and warm lighting.

Teleworkers are peripatetic in their work habits, often moving from room to room and working from the couch and the bedroom. Cosy couches are a great way to capture the WFH vibe for employees craving a break from the desk.

Back to nature

2022 is the year that office fit out will definitively move away from sterile lighting and rows of desks to embrace more natural design. Incorporating natural materials like wood and bamboo with green plants and water features will bring the indoors in and is proven to boost creativity and improve focus and wellbeing.

The workplace can be stressful, and your workforce will already have made considerable sacrifices during the pandemic. WFH doesn't work for every employee, but by creating a hybrid workspace that integrates comfort, functionality and wellbeing your office fit out will continue to attract your workforce back to the workplace in 2022.

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