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mace goes carbon reduction crazy.

Construction company Mace is trending with a new buzzword which we are sure will catch on fast. Having achieved their own carbon footprint target of net zero in 2020, they are now offering a carbon handhold service which will allow them to deliver carbon reduction services and strategies for their clients.

Carbon Reduction Services

Mace will be offering a range of services to their clients targeted at supporting them in moving towards a carbon neutral position, with an ambitious goal of achieving zero carbon in construction.

They will implement low carbon technologies, retrofit existing buildings with smart technology and make good use of AI to optimise the effectiveness of carbon capture solutions.

For new builds, they propose optimising the designs and implementing various modern methods of construction in order to deliver assets that are low in embodied carbon, minimising wastage and embracing all forms of carbon capture throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Mace Targets

Mace has over 100 clients around the world, including government organisations, financial institutions and organisations delivering transport infrastructure, many of which are already seeing the benefit of their carbon handhold service.

The company originally set itself a target to save a million tons of client-associated carbon emissions by 2026 and will pursue this goal by not only satisfying the carbon reduction needs of clients already on its order books, but by targeting new contracts on a global scale.

Only three months after setting this ambitious goal, the company has reported that it has already secured sufficient work to surpass this target, so it is now challenging itself to deliver a saving that is ten times greater. Although the new target has no deadline, Mace plans to deliver carbon savings of 10 million tons.

The company firmly believes that exercising its expertise and influence across a multitude of high profile projects around the world will see significant benefits achieved to the benefit of the planet and the construction industry as a whole.

UK Projects

Mace is involved in a great many UK construction projects that include EDGE London Bridge, 81 Newgate Street and 101 Moorgate. EDGE London Bridge is set to be London's most sustainable tower building, featuring 26 floors of office space, community green space, facilities to promote sustainable transport, features to improve employee wellbeing. It includes a host of environmental elements which not only improve the comfort of the building's occupants but will also reduce carbon emissions by 50%. The aim for this building is to achieve BREEAM Outstanding and WELL Platinum certification.

Over the last four years, Mace's responsible business team has tripled in size to accommodate the volume of new business in this field and includes a number of carbon design, construction and operations experts who are ideally placed to support businesses in setting targets, developing strategies and measuring the outcomes of their deliverables. 

Benefits of Net Zero Construction

There are many benefits and opportunities to reducing carbon emissions in UK construction. The first is clearly to support our government in achieving net zero by 2050. Continually striving to achieve this target is essential to safeguard our planet for future generations but also offers a number of measurable business benefits.

Over the coming years, tenants will place increasing focus on the energy efficiency of the buildings that they occupy, so those that are designed or retrofitted with carbon reduction in mind will command higher sales and rental values.

Owner occupiers will likewise benefit from the reduced operational costs of their infrastructure, as buildings either generate their own power or make effective use of renewable energy sources. Reducing wastage and implementing smart technology will offset the carbon generated by operating the buildings.

Construction companies that offer a benefit to their local communities, such as reducing peak time traffic through the promotion of sustainable transport options or creating community green spaces alongside new or retrofitted buildings, will benefit from improved public perception and support.

Top marks to Mace for making carbon reduction one of their top priorities, we have no doubt they will hit their 10 ton target! With more and more companies joining this movement, the UK is having a real go at hitting the Climate Change Act targets set for 2030, 2035 and beyond.
Build Space works with some of the leaders of the pack in terms of net zero construction practices. Our Open Space, Modular Space and Work Space clients are delivering some of the most directional Industrial & Logistics, Mission Critical, Offsite and Fit Out projects in the UK.
Want to learn more about the net zero projects we are supporting and our latest opportunities? Drop us a line at our Bankside HQ – 0208 332 2727.

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