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revolutionising candidate screening: unveiling our unique approach.

At Build Space, we take a deliberately different approach to recruitment. We believe that effective candidate screening is a vital component of the recruitment process, so today, we explain how our unique approach to candidate screening eliminates the frustrations often experienced by candidates and recruiters and delivers a successful match between talent and opportunity, delivering an excellent experience every time.

Communicate the requirement

Before we begin assessing candidates, we first take the time to communicate with our client, developing a deep understanding of their requirements. By understanding what the business needs, and what it can offer to a successful candidate, we can develop a picture of what the successful candidate would look like. That is to say, the skills that they should bring to the position and the personal attributes that they must demonstrate which are essential for long-term success.

Understand candidate motivations.

Although a candidate's job history, prior experience and qualifications are important, we believe that understanding their approach to problem solving and providing them with the opportunity to satisfy their long term career aspirations are just as important. Finding the right fit for each candidate involves helping them to achieve their ambitions, now and in the future. 

Our candidate screening process includes a number of meetings in which we delve into their motivations and aspirations to identify opportunities that not only satisfy their career plans, but where their vision and ideologies align with those of the hiring organisation.

Long term success is fundamental.

The reason that our clients choose us to fulfil their hiring goals is that we actively seek out candidates that are genuinely passionate about progressing their careers within the construction industry. By screening out candidates that are liable to be swayed by counter-offers, we can deliver a high retention rate for our clients, who also benefit from a stable and committed workforce. 

In turn, we ensure that the opportunities offered by our clients to our candidates will satisfy their long term career development and support them in achieving their professional ambitions.

Holistic approach to recruitment.

Our advanced evaluation techniques assess each candidate as a person rather than a set of metrics. We consider their aims, aspirations and desires, together with their experience, background and qualifications. We consider their cultural fit for our clients' businesses and test their interpersonal skills to find them the role in which they will best contribute to the success of the project and the dynamics of the team. 

The field of construction presents some unique challenges and dynamics, so satisfying not only the professional knowledge but also the cultural fit is essential to a long term successful hire.

Minimise risk.

Staff turnover affects morale and profit, so when we are commissioned to find staff for our clients, we ensure that the candidates that we present are thoroughly pre-assessed to satisfy the needs of our client. By so doing, we increase the likelihood of a long term, successful partnership wherein the candidate can be quickly embedded into their new organisation and begin delivering against their KPIs whilst the hiring organisation benefits from a reduced time to hire and greater confidence in delivering to time, cost and quality.

Continuous feedback loop.

We believe that long term mutual satisfaction does not end when a candidate takes up a position. Instead, we embed a culture of continuous improvement, routine feedback and ongoing support to maximise the chances of a successful partnership. We hold regular feedback sessions with both clients and candidates to ensure that any concerns that either party has are addressed effectively, that candidate performance is satisfying the needs of the hiring organisation and that the organisation is supporting the long term career development opportunities to which the candidate is entitled. 

In conclusion

By committing to our clients and candidates on a long term basis, we become a part of their journey and can provide an unbiased voice whenever it is required. We have a deep understanding of the needs of the organisations with which we partner, and we delve below the surface to truly understand the desires and motivations of the candidates that we support. Because of this, we have an outstanding track record for successfully matching the highest quality talent with the greatest opportunities in the construction industry.

We are proud to be deliberately different and to provide a personalised service that delivers strong partnerships. If your business would like to experience a modern and effective recruitment process that puts customer satisfaction front and centre, please contact Build Space today.

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