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technologies the d&b industry can adopt to max contract wins.

Technologies the D&B fit-out and contracts industry can adopt to max contract wins

According to the results of a poll that we launched recently, adopting more technology could enable design & build and traditional contractors to max out contract wins. In this blog, we explore the options that are most likely to improve contract wins in greater detail.

As always, we're very interested to hear what technologies you are already utilising or are considering implementing. Should you have tested a technology and decided against full implementation, understanding the reasons behind this decision would also be valuable information to share with others in the industry. 

1. Building Information Modelling (BIM) 

BIM technology allows for the creation and management of information about a construction project throughout its lifecycle. This technology can streamline the construction process and allow stakeholders to collaborate, sharing information throughout the project and maintaining version control.

When employed successfully, BIM technology can also aid in the identification and mitigation of potential issues prior to commencing construction. BIM technology can include the creation of 3D models and structured datasets to handle information relating to all stages of the project, including execution and handover. 

2. Project Management Software.

When a number of stakeholders are involved in a build, using project management software can help to keep everyone on the same page. Used correctly, project management software can allow project managers to articulate the latest information relating to the project's budget, its schedule and even its people to all stakeholders. 

This improved communication allows for more effective collaboration and decision making, which can ultimately improve the quality of output, speed of delivery and reduce costs. Maintaining a record of all decisions made during the course of a project also supports the lessons learned process, which can improve the planning and assessment stages of subsequent projects.

3. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

In too many cases, projects with delayed starts attribute those delays to the client's lack of understanding of the intentions of the contractor. This may be due to difficulties communicating or differing opinions as to the best way of proceeding or delivering the intended construction.

By utilising virtual reality or augmented reality technology, it is easier for the contractor to communicate their ideas to the client, allowing them to visualise the end product and to propose any adjustments to the design, justifying those decisions with hard facts, rather than simply opinions. By working in real time with the client, it is possible to demonstrate the impact of those adjustments and to work together to agree on a mutually acceptable design.

When the client fully buys into the design at an early stage, it is possible to accelerate delivery timescales and improve customer satisfaction.

4. Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing not only facilitates data storage but it can improve the collaboration and data sharing between project teams and external stakeholders. This ability to store version controlled documentation in a central location improves data security whilst improving access to essential information by authorised personnel.

The ability to access project information via the cloud allows construction professionals on site to communicate effectively with specialist design staff back in the office without the need for special software or equipment, saving time and money.

By adopting technologies that allow your business to work more effectively, it is anticipated that both D&B fit out and traditional construction companies will be able to improve the full construction process whilst seeing a reduction in costs. With the ability to provide clients with accurate and efficient project and delivery plans at bid stage, businesses should see a return in terms of the increased likelihood of winning contracts.

At Build Space, we have access to a range of talent, including specialist project management personnel who are ideally suited to supplementing bid teams, developing strong proposals to support the tender process and contract negotiations. We can also supply IT specialists and other next-gen talent who are ideally positioned to support construction companies in implementing and embedding new technologies and processes, training existing teams and ensuring that organisations can make optimum use of the tools available to them. 

Embracing and exploiting technology will make it possible to stay ahead of the competition, gain new business and increase margins, even in a fragile economic environment and in a competitive marketplace. To find out how we can help you to achieve your objectives, please call us today. We look forward to discussing your requirements and working with you to implement appropriate solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business.

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