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tide tops out on one of europe's largest modular towers.

TIDE tops out on one of Europe's largest modular towers


This month marked an exciting point for TIDE Construction Limited, a client that we are passionate about supporting and working with. They successfully installed the last of 1,725 modules on their residential development at College Road in Croydon. This development represents over two years of significant effort, technological development and the highest standards in off-site building. It will provide 930 co-living and affordable homes for families and individuals in the city, filling a crucial gap in the housing market and enabling local people to remain in their home city.

We are immensely proud of TIDE Construction's remarkable achievements and are delighted to have been able to support them with specialist staff as required over the course of the build. This high-profile project has been delivered within all cost, quality and budget constraints and represents a significant investment for the city of Croydon whose dedication to and support for the project has been greatly appreciated.


The co-living development is designed to provide a sense of true community, security and stability to the people that choose to live in it. The 50 storey tall building will provide individual living accommodation for up to 917 people with a vast array of shared spaces which will enhance well-being, allow opportunities for networking, enable friendships to develop and provide excellent personal and cost security for the inhabitants.

Affordable Housing

The 35 storey building will provide homes for 120 families, allowing young people to get their foot on the first rung of the ladder to home ownership, providing stability for families and those on low incomes who may otherwise struggle to live and work in Croydon. The project is aimed at improving the quality of life of a huge number of individuals and allowing the next generation of Croydon residents to continue to live and build their lives in the city that they call home.

TIDE Construction

TIDE Construction Limited is a visionary company that is always looking beyond the current possible, embracing advances in technology to deliver modern constructions with traditional values. All of TIDE Construction's buildings and developments are mortgageable, insurable and sustainable. The company is committed to quality, using highly advanced tools and techniques to deliver building projects with less disruption, greater flexibility and excellent budgetary control. Their use of offsite manufacturing systems allows them to design and create their builds in advance, assembling them in their final location in shorter timescales than traditionally associated with developments of this scale.

Build Space Support

We have been supporting TIDE Construction Limited in our role as a talent partner over the last two to three years and have successfully placed talented, skilled and experienced individuals into appropriate positions within their organisation to support them in achieving their vision.

Through our agile and flexible approach, we have been able to place Design Managers, Project Leads, Commercial Leads, Information Managers and Document Controllers into vacant positions within TIDE Construction Limited on both permanent and temporary contracts. This has afforded the company the flexibility to deliver its objectives without the need to take time away from operational delivery in order to run recruitment campaigns for these vital roles.

Our unique understanding of the construction industry makes us ideally placed to support next-gen projects of this sort, drawing on our extensive network of industry contacts and our pool of talented job seekers to optimise the resourcing capabilities that we can deliver.

We look forward to continuing to build our business relationship with TIDE Construction over the coming years, supporting them in their future endeavours and celebrating their successes, of which we are sure there will be many.

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