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top 5 civils and infrastructure projects in 2023.

Businesses operating in the civil and infrastructure construction sectors have reason to be optimistic, with many major contract awards announced this year signalling positive news for the industry.

The top five projects of the year in terms of their contract value have recently been published by Glenigan [1]. We explore them in a little more detail.

1. Norfolk Boreas

With a contract value of £3Bn, COWI will be overseeing the design phase of the onshore cable installation for a new offshore wind farm located 47 kilometres off the Norfolk coastline. 

This pioneering renewable energy project will, once fully operational, generate enough energy to power 4 million homes in the UK. This is the first stage in the ambitious project, which will require the installation of 60 kilometres of cabling to connect the development to the National Grid. 

COWI have committed to delivering this project with minimal local disruption and environmental impact, liaising closely with government agencies, including National Highways and Network Rail, to ensure full compliance with all safety, technical, sustainability and quality requirements throughout the installation.

2. HS2 Delta Junction to WCML

This £1.5Bn project is a joint venture between four separate construction companies, all of which have been allocated a section of the route to complete individually. However, collaboration will be essential to meet the challenging KPIs and timescales associated with this large scale construction project.

SCS Railways will work on the section between Euston Tunnels and approaches through to Northolt Tunnels. 

The section between Chiltern Tunnels and Colne Valley Viaduct will be delivered by Align JV. 

Delivering the section between the North Portal Chiltern Tunnels to the South Portal of Long Itchington Wood Green Tunnel is the responsibility of EKFB JV.

The fourth and final section of this project covers the section from Long Itchington Wood Green Tunnel to the Delta Junction and Birmingham Spur, then across from the Delta Junction to the West Coast Main Line Tie-In at Handsacre Junction. This will be delivered by BBV JV.

This project will secure large numbers of UK jobs, offer circa 400,000 supply chain contracts and ultimately reduce carbon emissions resulting from UK travel.

3. A303 Stonehenge

This £1.3Bn project is multifaceted. Not only will the successful contractor be tasked with creating 8 miles of dual carriageway to reduce congestion around the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, but they will be required to conserve the cultural heritage of the area and improve its biodiversity.

The works will involve creating a high quality route along the A303/A358 corridor which will encompass a northern bypass of Winterbourne Stoke, constructing a viaduct over the River Till valley, installing a new junction to replace the Longbarrow roundabout, a two-mile long twin-bore tunnel and a new junction at the site of the current Countess roundabout.

Additionally, in order to restore the Stonehenge landscape and to grow visitor numbers, green bridges will be installed to help local wildlife to safely traverse the new road. Screening and landscaping works will be undertaken to ensure that the new road does not detract from the experience of the site, and a new chalk grassland will be established to create thriving habitats.

4. Birmingham Roads Maintenance

This somewhat-contentious project will appoint a new contractor to deliver the upkeep and maintenance of roads in the Birmingham area. This contract was previously held by Amey, who have withdrawn their services following a convoluted legal process. With an anticipated contract value of £1.2Bn, this contract is to last for a 12 year period, from 2023 to 2035.

Construction company Kier is managing this contract on an interim basis until a replacement is appointed in August 2023, with work by the new contractor set to begin in November 2023. The Local Authority accepts that a three month delay between contract placement and work commencing is a concern and intends to propose a workable solution before this point. 

5. Offsite MMC Housing Construction Framework

This £1.2Bn framework will consist of a number of specialist construction companies who will deliver thousands of offsite-constructed, low-carbon homes to communities across the UK. This project will utilise modern methods of construction to deliver affordable homes across Scotland, England and Wales, helping to address the housing demand issues currently faced by our country whilst supporting government goals for long-term sustainability. 

This framework is designed to enhance collaboration between clients and contractors, delivering high quality output as well as value for money.


All of these projects are ambitious, innovative and designed to improve the availability of local jobs, long-term sustainability and to support the government's route to net zero. It is clear that the construction industry is adapting its working practices and improving collaboration in order to remain competitive. At Build Space, our talent management strategies can support businesses that are pursuing exciting new opportunities in controlling their costs whilst embedding the specialist skills that they require to achieve their goals. 



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