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TOTEM - Managing compliance across your supply chain

Supply chain compliance is one of the biggest challenges your organisation has to face. The proposed IR35 changes make compliance management of critical importance if your business wants to avoid end user liability.

Compliance is a hot topic with 45% of supply chain managers saying there is increasing pressure to ensure ethical, sustainable and transparent compliance across supply chains. With IR35 applying to the private sector as of April 2021, there's never been a better time to start. But if you're struggling with multiple agencies here's how TOTEM can help.

Improve supply chain visibility and efficiency

Managing compliance across your supply chain can be time-consuming. Think of the hours it takes an admin team to make sure that all your agency workers have the right health and safety certification, professional references and right to work documentation.

CSCS, First Aid, SMSTS, passports, visas and more - the amount of paperwork can be onerous for one agency with multiple workers. Now amplify that across multiple agencies with multiple workers, and handling the paperwork becomes a full time job.

TOTEM helps you to improve supply chain visibility by acting as a library of all agency worker information to reduce compliance issues. TOTEM stores H&S certificates along with their expiry dates, sending prompts to renew in good time. It stores all right to work documentation and up to date professional references, with information retrieval at the touch of a button. And it ensures a single 360 degree view across all contractor relationships via mobile, laptop and tablet.

Auditing your supply chain

Using a centralised system is a win for you and your contractors. How? By creating a legitimate and credible supply chain that can be easily checked by HMRC for full compliance at every level.

Compliance is built into TOTEM workflows and is configured to fit your recruitment process for complete compliance transparency. This makes it easy to prevent non-compliant providers from entering the supply chain.

Performing your own audits protects your business by ensuring that any provider in the supply chain works to the same compliance standards.

Standardising procurement processes

Companies often work with 10+ agencies, each operating with separate rates and terms of business, and each with different degrees of performance. Most companies are not able to generate and analyse performance management statistics and standardise terms of business. The result? A mess that allows non-compliant practices to slip through the net.

With TOTEM, you can centralise your workforce management through one system and one process that creates a standardised relationship that preserves historic relationships. The result is standardisation across multiple agencies with transparent and healthy relationships, promoting collaboration and compliance across the supply chain.

TOTEM is the realtime workforce management platform designed to make life easier for you and your clients when it comes to achieving supply chain compliance. It provides real-time data to manage right to work, H&S certification and IR35 status so your clients are fully compliant and your business is protected against unexpected unpaid tax claims.

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