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work starts on bsi kitemark for mmc homes.

Work starts on BSI Kitemark for MMC homes

News that work has been commissioned [1] by the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities to create a new standard for Modern Methods of Construction is being praised by those in the modular construction industry. This is seen as a significant step forwards in levelling the playing field for building companies with strong ethical and environmental values who firmly believe that modern methods of construction represent the future of the construction industry.

By embracing the new standard, consumers will have a greater level of confidence in the quality of the build of their new home, whilst home builders will benefit from reduced costs due to easier access to insurance, mortgages and product warranties. At present, these are provided by niche suppliers and are more expensive than those associated with the traditional brick-and-mortar builds that are more commonly seen.

This news comes soon after the release of Make UK Modular's report [2], which states that modular homes can be built in half the time of a traditional home and be up to 55% cheaper to heat, making them the ideal choice for the UK Government to include in large scale building projects where a percentage of affordable homes must, by law, be built.

There is still a lot of work to do before the new standard can come into effect, and representatives from the construction industry will be involved in a series of working groups that are beginning this week. Representatives at these groups will share best practices and contribute to the drafting of the new guidance. The working groups will cover key topics such as design, manufacture, transport and logistics, and final assembly. Once the working groups have reached their conclusion, the Government will open the findings to public consultation. This is expected to happen later this year.

The Modern Methods of Construction guidance document published by the Government in September 2022 [3] states that the outcome of all considerations given to standardising modern methods of construction, which includes offsite modular builds, is to improve the outcome of the projects. This is not necessarily limited to the speed at which the builds can complete, nor the quality standards, but includes increased productivity and wider social value, for example, the creation of new jobs for local workers.

Meeting Net Zero targets remains a key focus, so embracing technology is recognised as a priority by Housing Minister, Lucy Frazer, who reinforced the message of needing to deliver a greater number of high quality and energy efficient properties for people to live in over the coming decades. She is positive about the outcome of the working groups and believes that with the construction industry working together with the Government and the British Standards Institution, many new jobs and homes will be created across the length and breadth of the country.

This message is echoed by Anthony Burd, who is the Head of Built Environment at the British Standards Institution. He stated his belief that embracing modern methods of construction will support the industry in meeting the challenges of the future, including improving designs for new homes and increasing safety for workers within the industry. He stated that the new standard will provide essential guidance, best practices and mandatory requirements that must be met by all home builders that are utilising modern methods of construction when delivering residential buildings. 

Once completed, the new standard will become available through a Publicly Available Specification.

At Build Space, our Modular Space team will be keenly following proceedings and contributing where applicable to the working groups, ensuring that the workforce of the future is given appropriate consideration and that the desirable skills that the industry is seeking are highlighted within our existing talent pool. We are passionate about next-gen technologies and look forward to a future where talented individuals are sought after in roles of all sorts within the industry, from the traditional project management and construction work through to those involved in creating, testing and assuring innovative technological advances prior to wider adoption.

To find out how we can support your business' growth with the provision of suitably skilled and experienced personnel, please call us today. We have access to many experienced individuals who are seeking their next move, on either a contract or permanent basis, with many available for immediate starts to support emergent requirements.



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