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  • Driven by a desire to make all clients best in class, Build Space has invested massively to relaunch in 2019 as the first of a new breed of talent partner.

    Gain competitive advantage with your resource management.

    Build Space continuously innovate and invest to ensure that our services and products keep your business on point.

  • Throughout this website you will notice us referencing our Product Suite. From key hire searches to multiple hire bundles; cash back deals to turning acquisition into a profit centre; deferred pricing models to year-long replacement promises; industry-leading employer branding to mutually aligned, outcome-delivered projects – we are “deliberately different” by design!

blending traditional
service levels with modern technology.

As the best-in-class service provider, we offer many more digital tools to back your hiring strategy than a typical recruiter.

When it comes to your construction space, Build Space help you master it online. Our automated AI software and chatbots give you a competitive edge. We’ve developed our own video conferencing software for a closer link between you and the candidate. We’ve also invested in a next-generation CRM, improving our functionality.

And we’ll go further. Ask us to build a micro site that we’ll bolt on to ours. Let our trusted partners help you with content and social to get your ideas in front of the right audience. Or even set up partnered social events, managed by us.

By combining technical ability with our personal approach and in-depth industry knowledge, we will help you find the candidates with the expertise in your space.

the spaces we serve.

Build Space supply white collar staff on a permanent, freelance or fixed-term contract basis. We serve every area of construction, although we specialise in seven core spaces: