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mps get enterprise ready, are you?.

MPs Get Enterprise Ready, Are You?

MPs can now claim an additional £10,000 to ensure that their home office is 'enterprise ready' to meet the challenge of the Covid-19 crisis. But if you're one of the thousands of construction workers who are now working remotely in the UK, how can you ensure that your team keeps your projects on track?

Get Enterprise Ready

Carving out a workspace away from noise and distractions is the best way to set yourself up for success. If this is your first time remote working and you're finding the prospect of staying productive a challenge, your first job is to create a dedicated work station with all the tools you need to stay on-project.

Technology best practice

Using your company's equipment is best practice when it comes to keeping track of important documents and processes. This ensures that the security of your data and that communication isn't compromised while you work remotely. Make sure you're working through a fast and secure internet connection.

If you've been locked down for several weeks, you're probably already adept at using apps such as Zoom, Skype and Slack for video calling and conferencing. You may have used Build Space’s own proprietary video conferencing software in:SITE, a product we are offering candidates and clients free use of during this time out of the office…………!!!

Simple cloud-based collaboration tools for project working will make it easier to manage things effectively and keep critical day to day operations ticking over.

Get a routine

Maintaining a routine through lockdown is critical when onsite workers and supply chains are depending on you to maintain business as usual.

Setting a schedule and reinforcing daily working processes will keep you mentally on track even when you're socially distancing. Keep your routine as close to your normal working pattern as possible so that your projects continue to hit their milestones and stay on track.

Stay connected

Whether you're supporting onsite teams or your projects have been temporarily suspended, you need to stay connected. Weekly meetings, daily catchups and regular reviews should all be a part of your remote working schedule.

The only way that you can effectively achieve this is through technology so ensure that your kit is enterprise ready and capable of running video conferencing apps and coworking software. Staying connected is also the best way to improve the morale of your team at what can be a tough time for those self-isolating.

Manage expectations

If digital transformation is something you were always 'getting around to', that time is now. Challenges can and will arise but if you can effectively communicate them to management and the rest of your team, you may discover some creative and innovative ways to work around them. It's important to manage expectations and be clear and honest about the amount of work you can actually accomplish from home.

Use your time wisely

If your company has suspended all construction work for the time being, use your time wisely. Now's the time to do a thorough review of all ongoing and upcoming projects, plans and designs and pick up on any potential snagging issues. Talk it through with the team so you can hit the ground running when lockdown is lifted.

If your current workload is slower than normal or you've been furloughed by your company, this is an ideal time to brush up your skills and knowledge or explore job-related technology.

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