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building teams for offsite build projects.

it’s one of the fastest growing spaces – and we’re experts in modular. Our consultants build teams for education, healthcare, residential, commercial projects and more.

Modular space projects are changing how we think about construction. Conventional approaches to recruitment just won’t cut it. To find the best people and opportunities in this space, you need talent partners that have been there from the beginning.

Specialists in modular construction, we’re well versed in the speed and logistics of this constantly evolving space. BuildSpace have the tools and knowledge to help clients and candidates push forward.

unmatched technical ability.

  • Our technology helps you move fast, saving time and money where it matters. Take advantage of our next-gen CRM and automated search functions, then use our purpose-built video conferencing tool, in:SITE during the interview process.

we know modular inside-out.

  • Unlike most construction recruiters, we’ve been involved in the modular space from Day One. We have an unrivalled pedigree in delivering candidates of all levels – offsite production, onsite delivery, total project management. Whether you’re searching for a role or looking to hire, we have the expertise you need.

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Meera aka Miss Modular has been with the business for over 3 years and has established he...

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