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building teams for residential, student accommodation, hotel, care home and mixed use projects.

we build teams capable of delivering contemporary residential property, student accommodation, hotels, social housing and more...

Expectations surrounding housing and accommodation have changed radically in the UK. Demand is higher than ever, but so are standards. To stay relevant in the changing market, you need a talent partner that understands the pressures facing firms and industry professionals.

We’re experts in the whole residential market, from apartment blocks to estates, mansions to hotels and student housing to PRS. Our clients and candidates know we have the capacity to deliver fast, accurate solutions in this space.

technology that builds teams.

  • We’re deliberately different in our pursuit of the best talent. We build dedicated microsites for projects which – along with our Product Suite help us find the people our competitors overlook. Equally, it gives talented individuals in this space access to the best opportunities first.

a capable recruitment partner.

  • BuildSpace have a reputation for getting to the heart what businesses and individuals want; with so many projects under our belt, we know exactly what specialisms are needed to deliver on time and budget. Hotels, care homes, housing… All have unique demands, and we give them the attention they deserve.

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