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building teams in the rapidly expanding telecoms installation and networking markets.

our comms space recruitment team connects clients with the best talent in lightning fast time.

The UK is committed to massive telecoms and broadband upgrades over the next 10 years, our comms space consultants supply engineers, surveyors and managers of all levels to the biggest contractors in this space.

better quality, faster service, wider reach

build space has always had the best tech and tools available making our service as fast as the 5G broadband we help install. We have an inhouse tech developer who builds bespoke bots to help expand our candidate reach, tapping into talent pools that conventional job boards and advertising cannot get to.

innovative product solutions to fit client needs

build space is an out of the box thinker, we are “deliberately different”, delivering unrivalled project solutions to our clients by way of creative product design. in the comms space, clients often need teams building for specific projects or multiple hires in the same role up and down the country. once we understand your requirements in full we will build a tailor made solution with features way beyond the norm – microsites, video cvs, cashback, free working trials……………

build space – breaking new ground in comms. ask us about it

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cutting-edge recruitment tech.

  • Our patented BuildSpace Product Suite allows us to be the fastest, most efficient and most reliable people partners in this space. With a next-gen CRM and automated, advanced search functions, we get to pipeline projects before they’ve gone to site. This means you get the top talent first.

comms space – exclusive know-how.

  • Innovation powers our business and your future. As a client, you’ll sleep easy at night knowing the right specialists are on the case. We’re honest. We’re direct. And instead of just focusing on individual performance, we build teams that can work together across different projects, including both freelance and permanent.

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samuel cryan comms space - delivery consultant

Sam is Build Space's second Aussie after Rochelle!  On the back of some decent sales rol...

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